Getting more into my photography


I’ve been getting more and more into my photography lately. I’ve been trying to revive the dead creativity I used to have before my son was born. He’s now the artist in the house I guess, but I’ve been so bored with being online and doing nothing but surfing people’s shopping carts (formerly called blogs) and playing video games.

I’ve been so inspired since I got Kloey but I’ve not been able to do much about it because the drive hasn’t been there. It’s all just ideas. And I have yet to find the proper place to share it ’cause no one who usually comes around here seems to be all that interested. I have been posting on DeviantArt and that seems to be the only real place to do it.

People also wonder why and have been asking, why take photos of a doll/toy when you have a kid and could be taking photos of him. Well, to answer you, I do. I have tons of photos of my son. I just don’t post them up for the world to see. Why? Well, have you watched Law & Order? Have you heard of all the sicko’s out there who steal people’s photos and call them their own? Or the perverts who collect children’s pictures and do god knows what with them? That’s why!! Yea I post one every now and then. But that’s about it. That’s all you get. Every now and then. Sorry to disappoint.

I’ve also started to get into sewing and such. I borrowed my Mom’s machine and am slowly learning how to use it. ;) I’m still kinda afraid of it ’cause I’m the kinda person who will get hurt doing ANYTHING. Go me!! But I’ve already made a skirt and my husband says it came out pretty damn good for my first try. :D And I agree. I just wish it had turned out how I had wanted it to. So I’ma try again when I get some extra money’s for more fabric. I also wanna try making my own clothing. Hehe. I’ll probably suck super hard but hey, it’s all about learning, right?!

This blog is also due for a makeover. I think so anyway. So don’t be surprised if it goes POOF for a bit. It just means I’m off in the background tinkering with ideas I have. I’ll eventually be back xD